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Things to do in San Jose Ca

If you’re considering a vacation to San Jose CA, you know that there are many attractions and tourist spots. Since there are so many hot spots, it can be a bit of a hassle trying to figure out where to go — as such, we’ve compiled a list of the best things to do in San Jose CA.

• Museums

If you’re visiting with young children, going to museums is one of the best things to do. Your children will learn, but will still have fun. One popular museum is the Children’s Discovery Museum. This museum has many interactive exhibits for your children, and they’ll learn while having fun!

Another option is the tech museum of innovation. This museum incorporates exhibits from the science and technological fields — if you or your children are into technology, this is a great place to stop by!

• Theatres

If you’re looking to see a show while in San Jose, there are many great theatres. A very popular option is the California Theatre in San Jose — a very elegant, high-class experience any theatre fan is sure to love!

For those looking for a less elegant option, the Montgomery Theater is a very simple, small theater — perfect for anyone looking for the comfort of a theater, without the elegance.

• Gardens

One of the best things about California would have to be the gardens. There are a great variety of gardens in California, such as the Heritage Rose Garden. The Heritage Rose Garden has a beautiful landscape that anyone will love. The Heritage Rose Garden is also the perfect spot for a picnic, making it ideal if you’re planning a trip to San Jose as an anniversary date, or the like.

Additionally, for anyone looking for a bit more culture, the Japanese Friendship Garden is a highly sophisticated, beautiful garden — featuring Bonzai trees, and numerous waterfalls.

• Landmarks

San Jose has many landmarks and attractions — one of the most beautiful being the Almaden Quicksilver County Park. This park is nearly 30 miles of hiking trails — so if you or your family enjoy hiking, look no further than this park!

If you’re a fan of mysteries, the famous Winchester House is a major attraction in San Jose. There are numerous tours of this mysterious house offered, some offering more accessibility than others. This is easily the best option for anyone visiting San Jose that loves anything mysterious!

In conclusion, there are many fun things to do in San Jose — from theaters, to beautiful gardens, it has it all!