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Mariko Creasman

Mariko is Dr. Creasman’s practice manager and life partner. She and Dr. Creasman have been married since 1984, so she knows all one could know about plastic surgery without actually training as a plastic surgeon. After graduating magna cum laude from the University of Michigan with a degree in Economics, Mariko worked successfully in pharmaceutical sales until settling down to start a family in 1989. After Dr. Creasman started his practice in 1991 in San Jose, Mariko joined him to help run his office. Together, they have built the practice with a simple philosophy of following the golden rule.

Known for her patience as well as depth of knowledge, Mariko participates in all front office duties, including surgery scheduling. Her steady guidance allows the doctor to focus his attention on medical care, which he considers a luxury few in his position enjoy.

In her personal life, Mariko is a devoted mother and wife. She loves food and cooking, reading, walking, and navigating a busy family and social life.


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