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In the last decade, a common term has arisen called the “Mommy Makeover”. With pregnancy, the body takes a lot of punishment as the abdomen gets stretched, the breasts deflate and unwanted fat can accumulate. The mommy makeover is a general term that implies body contouring and often involves a breast lift and/or breast augmentation, liposuction and/or tummy tuck. Every patient is different, but Dr. Creasman’s approach is to listen to the patient’s concerns and to match the least invasive procedure to those concerns.

Mommy makeovers are done after all childbearing is completed, especially with respect to the abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck. With subsequent pregnancies, the muscle wall that is repaired would stretch out such that it would need to be redone. The same is true for breast lifts. Breast implants can be done before future pregnancies, but breastfeeding might be impacted. Anyone currently breastfeeding is not yet a candidate for breast surgery until they have completely weaned their child and all the milk has dried up.

Also of importance in this situation is the engagement of the patient in returning to her pre-pregnancy weight and fitness. We like to see patients toward the end of nursing to develop a comprehensive plan. With proper preparation, the results of mommy makeovers are dramatic and life changing.

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