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Art Gallery

This is a section devoted to Dr. Creasman’s outside interest in oil painting Throughout his office you will see some of his paintings. Here is a more extensive archive of his work.

Artist’s Statement

Contributing in even a small way to beauty in the world is a privilege, and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to do so both professionally and personally. From early childhood, I was encouraged to become a doctor. In addition to being interested in science, I also enjoyed both drawing and building things.

Plastic surgery exemplifies a synergy between science and art and I am fortunate to have found such a perfect fit professionally. I cannot imagine doing anything else. It demands an architect’s ingenuity, an engineer’s resourcefulness, and an artist’s eye for what constitutes beauty. Having an aptitude for seeing things three-dimensionally, seeing shapes and proportion and symmetry informs my work as well as other areas of my life.

As for art, after dabbling for years in just about every artistic medium, in 2002 I took my first oil painting course and fell in love. Becoming more serious about growing as a painter has also made me a better plastic surgeon. Here are some of my paintings.


Collected Works