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VECTRA 3D Aesthetic Simulation

Our goal is to provide you appropriate information as you consider breast augmentation surgery. One of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of planning this procedure is the issue of finding the size and type of breast implant that will give you the result you desire. Since this is a new experience for you, we want to reduce your anxiety about this issue by allowing you to visualize your final form with breast implants. We show you elsewhere on this website many two-dimensional photos of patients who have had surgery by Dr. Creasman. But in the process of your consultation, we can also now demonstrate with computer imaging technology how you will look in the mirror after surgery in a realistic 3-dimensional way using a system called Canfield Vectra® 3D. This technology involves proprietary software that Dr. Creasman has helped develop working with a start-up technology company in Los Gatos.

Vectra® 3D is like seeing the results of your augmentation, with different implant choices, before you ever have surgery! The patients who have experienced this imaging exercise have found it of enormous importance in their choice of implant, and for that matter, whether this is an appropriate operation for them. The images can also be uploaded to a secure server for you to download after your consultation to share with your spouse or friend, or for you to review what was discussed at the consultation through a feature called ViewMyConsult®.

Dr. Creasman was an early adopter of utilizing digital imaging technology in his aesthetic plastic surgery practice. He has used digital imaging technology for nasal and other facial surgery since 1996. His current system provides three-dimensional image simulation software that helps him communicate to prospective patients the potential of various operations in a more understandable way, for example, seeing one’s profile before and after rhinoplasty, or the effect of a browlift or facelift or fat grafting to the face.

Pre Op


Post Op (9 month)

What to Expect

1. Your VECTRA 3D simulation experience begins with a picture session in our office. This creates the starting point for your aesthetic consultation.
2. Using special simulation software on your 3D picture, Dr. Creasman will show you the possible results of the aesthetic procedures you may choose to have. You will be able to experiment with different looks until you find the one you want.
3. Once you have decided on the appearance you want, this simulation will provide a basis for your surgical plan. Because you have already seen the result, you can be confident in the outcome of the procedure.

About the Technology

VECTRA 3D Simulation Technology
The VECTRA 3D simulation technology that is used by Dr. Creasman was developed by Canfield Imaging Systems, a division of Canfield Scientific, the leading provider of clinical imaging systems. Canfield specializes in photographic applications for aesthetic medicine, and their products are used in patient consultations by thousands of practitioners worldwide.

The VECTRA 3D Camera
The VECTRA 3D camera captures a three dimensional photograph of the subject. Using multiple cameras, it takes a number of pictures simultaneously from several different points of view. This is used to build a three dimensional virtual model of the subject

Sculptor 3D Software
The three dimensional photograph is processed by Sculptor software to display the virtual model on a computer monitor. Various measurements are shown automatically, which is a technological development Dr. Creasman and his colleagues helped develop (see below). The image can be rotated on the screen and viewed from almost any angle. The software then allows your doctor to apply simulation tools that change the size, shape and position of your breasts to achieve the desired appearance. Once you are satisfied with the result, your doctor will develop a surgical plan based on the changes you have made

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I be able to see what different implants are best for me?

Yes. You will be able to see how you would like with different size and types of implants. You will also be able to see the possible benefits of a breast lift in conjunction with the augmentation.

How close will the simulated result be to the actual result?

Actual results will be very similar to the simulations. VECTRA simulations are based on the actual implants that Dr. Creasman will use.

Will this software help Dr. Creasman to see that my breasts are different sizes?

VECTRA software includes special tools to show the size and position of each breast. Breast “asymmetry” is very common, and VECTRA analysis helps us develop a surgical plan which will compensate for it if necessary.

Can my doctor show me where the scars will be?

We are prepared to discuss the location of scars from the surgery, including when a breast lift is necessary. The Vectra software actually shows a visual simulation of the scar.

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